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 e-globalTrading-Crude Oil, Natural gas, Petrochemcials and Polymers

e-global Trading is  a technology company providing trading systems and education for the petrochemicals and plastics industry.

The firm, located in Sarasota, Fla. - USA offers  a complete set of algorithmic trading systems,  both, robotic and discretionary.

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The services provided by e-globalTrading include:

Robotic systems for Crude oil and Natural gas automated trading for micro time frames

Discretionary systems for  crude oil, natural gas, naphthas and gasolines, petrochemicals and  polymers as well.

Energy market analysys , either technical or fundamental

Alert systems, either intraday or daily for  several energy and derivative instruments.

Professional Education: Coaching Groups and private coaching, and mentor program as well

CL, MBE, UN, HDPE- Samples